End of week Update

Today marks the end of a long and stressful week. I have been doing a good amount of work in order to have a great demo to show at Playcrafting next week. There will be all new boss mechanics to show and I made improvements to my enemy attack system to insure flawless hit detection. To lighten up the mood today I decided to get a little creative with my new enemy introductions.


Play FL337 at Playcrafting NYC Expo

I’ve been preparing our best build yet for Playcrafting NYC’s expo at the end of the month. The expo will be head at Microsoft in NYC the cost is only $8 and you get to play FL337 as well as 70+ games. Did I mention free pizza ?! If you want to come and play the latest build of FL337 make sure you buy a ticket. The expo is in less than two weeks. Playcrafting Expo Tickets


This was from October 20th 2014 the only other time we showed FL337 at Playcrafting.

New Attack!

Today I was working on one of the new attacks. A good amount of people who have played the game have asked if there were going to be any more attacks. I took that feedback and am adding two more. This first one that I will show you now is a lunging attack that works only while sprinting.


Development Update 6.29

Today I spent the day cleaning up and finalizing the status bars in the game. I did some work on the reload status bar and the experience bar making sure their values were indicated correctly. I also rewrote some code for the sprint bar and reload bar to make sure they were replenishing smoothly and consistently. The sprint bar is now only visible when in use or recharging and the lower health indication is much more prominent.


Development Update 6.27.15

Healthbar fix
There was an issue where the player would die but the healthbar still showed that you had a small amount of health left. The issue lied within how I configured the healthbar when unity first came out with the new UI tools in version 4.6. With some adjustment to anchor positioning on my fill image that is all taken care of.
Enemy AI adjustment
With all of the additions that I keep adding to the game the AI of the enemies has gotten more and more complex. Enemies initally were made to attack the player when you were within a certain distance. Now that I have made changes to the camera and added ranged attacks that isnt the best method. I am now using the unity function OnBecameVisible() to control the distance and speed of enemy attacks.

FL337 E3 2015 IndieCade & ID@Xbox

I just got back from E3 and I had a blast getting to show FL337 at the IndieCade booth. I also had the pleasure of meeting the members of the ID@Xbox team as well as many other devs that are apart of the program.Be sure to check out Rivals of Aether  great game and awesome developer be sure to vote for it on Greenlight as well. E3 was amazing and I cant wait to go back next year!