Going live on Steam

Hi everyone I’m really happy to announce that tonight at midnight pacific time FL337 will finally be available for purchase on Steam early access. I’ve been working hard and cant wait to start receiving feedback from all of you. If you have any questions you can contact myself at Contact@KWLProductions.com or on the Steam community page.

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Steam builds uploaded!

With the Steam early access release just over a week away I have been working really hard to get everything ready. I’ve got the game uploaded for all platforms Windows, Mac, and Linux. Press keys will be sent out tomorrow as well. If you are press or a content creator and would like a key please send an email to Contact@KWLProductions.com


Development Update 10/11

For the first time FL337 now has co-op. It has been something I have been working really hard on and I am really excited about it. With the addition of two more playable characters you and a friend can choose between three characters. I am looking to do early access on Steam sometime in November. I am just waiting on a few more things in order to do so as well as one more play test before hand. If you want to get in on the action before early access. I will be showing the game at Playcrafting NYC’s fall expo night link below. Once I have all the animations loaded in for the characters I will be making a new trailer and launching the Steam page so stay tuned for that as well as more updates.

Playcrafting Expo Tickets





FL337 in Copenhagen

I have been working remotely in Copenhagen for the past week and have been getting a great amount of work done. It is nice to be able to work without internet distractions as well as others. I’m still waiting on some artwork before I reveal what it is that I have been working on. These past two weeks I have really pushed my self to get the game ready for release and am thrilled on how everything has been turning out. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and am pushing harder than ever to finish FL337.20150913_165801

9.4 Update

I just got back from PAX Prime a few days ago. I got a chance to walk around for a change and check out a bunch of great indies. I also met a lot of new people and got to see some friends who I haven’t seen in a while. After sitting down with some other devs I got a really great idea for FL337. For the past few days I’ve been working really hard on implementing it in FL337. I don’t want to say what it is just yet because I would like to show some game play footage when everything’s working properly. So stay tuned something big is coming.

FL337 PC & MAC Demo

Ever since we were accepted into the ID@Xbox program I had shifted gears in development towards Xbox one. Now that we are running our Steam Greenlight campaign I put together a demo that works on both PC and Mac. I remodeled the controls to work great with any keyboard. One could even argue that it feels better than a controller. Our Steam Greenlight campaign is really starting to gain some traction and I just want to thank everyone who has voted so far.


New Content Combos + more

Its been quite some time since I have done a development update so this a good one. I have been adding loads of new content based off some comments I received on Steam and observations I made at the Playcrafting expo from a two weeks ago. The first of which is COMBOS! Combos were something that I had held off on for quite some time just because I didn’t have all the necessary artwork for more attacks. I’ve added two new combos which I am very excited about. One of which is a combo for the quick attack and the other is for the strong attack. Then I added a knock back feature which makes the attacks feel all that more powerful. I also added pitfalls and aerial attacks that add a whole other level of difficulty to the game.